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It is without any reservation that I leave my most valued possession in Eileen's care... everyday. That should speak volumes to my confidence in her personally and professionally.
Bristow, Virginia

I met Mrs. Infantes in December, 2003. I began taking my son to her in-home daycare and from the start my son felt so comfortable there. He also learned so much while in her care. She is a very warm, loving, and caring individual. To this day, we see Ms. Eileen at the stores and he yells out her name and runs to give her a big hug. She handles her business very professionally. Any questions I may have had she answered as well as gave me terrific suggestions. It was truly wonderful knowing that my son was in such great hands, with a person who is so dedicated and committed to teaching and caring for my child.
Bristow, Virginia 

I would like to express my satisfaction with the care provided to my newborn child, Daniel, by Eileen Infantes and her staff at Little Rocketeers Child Care. As a working mother, it is very important that my children are well cared for on a daily basis. I had been fortunate enough to care for my two older children during their infant years; however, with Daniel I was faced with placing him in daycare at six weeks old. After visiting Little Rocketeers Child Care and meeting with its owner, Ms. Eileen, I knew he would be in the safest place away from home. It was certainly hard for me to leave my child everyday, but Ms. Eileen made it easier for me because I knew my child was in a caring and nurturing environment. Ms. Eileen has a great rapport with all the parents and children which makes it feel as though you are part of one big family. She is very professional, well organized, and attentive to all my needs as a parent. Based on my experience with Ms. Eileen and her staff, I have highly recommeneded them and will continue to recommend Little Rocketeers Child Care to any other parent who is seeking a caring, trustworthy, and reliable daycare center.
Bristow, Virginia

I have known Ms. Infantes for over two years and can honestly say she is a very wonderful woman who loves her chosen profession. When Ms. Infantes owned her childcare facility out of her home, every single parent I have met holds Ms. Infantes in high regard. Ms. Infantes is a woman of integrity and high moral character which I am fortunate enough to know. I feel I am blessed to have met another like-minded business woman who stands up for honesty and values. I think this Gainesville/Bristow area will be so grateful to have a Childcare Center in the vicinity that will offer the outstanding services that only Ms. Infantes' Little Rocketeers Child Care can provide. By expanding to a larger location will only make her services that much more available to the local families that are searching for exactly what she can offer.
Bristow, Virginia

Over a year ago, I arrived at Little Rocketeers nervous and unsure. Previous childcare issues had left me untrusting and feeling guilty that I had to leave my little ones in someone else's care. Ms. Eileen welcomed us in, answered all my questions, and shared her personal story regarding childcare. Within the first month, I saw a huge difference in both my children and myself. I was finally able to focus on my work without worrying about what my children were experiencing while I wasn't with them. To this day, I never wonder how their day is going because I know they are always having fun and learning. My children blossomed as well!! They have social appropriate experiences, are provided with structure, and clear expectations, and are presented with academics in a variety of ways that has more than prepared my son for Kindergarten. Each morning we are greeted by a caring staff and my children are rushing to get in the door. In the afternoon, I pick up two healthy, happy kids with smiles on their faces and stories to tell about their day. I feel so blessed that I found Little Rocketeers. Many childcare centers will say they are just as invested in your children as you are, but Little Rocketeers and Ms. Eileen truly mean it.
Erin M. Parent and Teacher 

About a year ago, I was blessed with my first granddaughter, with this blessing came some real eye opening issues. The world has changed! You see my children are 21 and 25 years of age, my wife and I WERE set to retire at 55, travel, and see the US from the road; what a dream at this point. I tell you this because I have been through this child raising once so I thought I knew what I was looking for. Well not the case, I had to find a daycare provider.   Twenty four years ago, this was not an issue. No one was full there was always room for one more, the care was great, the caregivers treated my children as if they were their own. They were safe. Not the case anymore, I am sorry to say. I looked at all the big name companies, not what I was looking for, kind of got the feeling my grandchild was just a dollar sign. Several of them, I just walked into the building and right into the infant care room, kind of scary. This is to say, the rules are in place but not followed. Again, not what I was looking for. Then I walked into Little Rocketeers, first feelings being very important, a comfortable place, and a safe place. A place like home. This is what I was looking for. The staff is top notch; the rules are in place and followed. The children are care for and taught. If you are a new mom and afraid of making the mistakes that we all make, have no fear, Ms. Eileen will help you with her vast knowledge of children, young or older. My granddaughter comes home every night with a smile on her face. She is a very lucky girl, she goes to Little Rocketeers. I could not say enough about the wonderful care the staff gives my granddaughter. If you are reading this, now you are in the right place. Leave your child with Little Rocketeers, Ms. Eileen will make sure they are happy and very well taken care of. 
Bristow, VA 

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